Privacy Policy in eKsię apps

Help Office Sp. z.o.o. app privacy policy
•    determines Users personal data processing rules and their tenable rights connected with personal data processing as part of using Help Office Sp. z.o. eKsięgowy,
•    Use of mobile apps is equivalent with learning about the following Privacy Policy and accepting it.
No agreement :
•    in case of not accepting the following Privacy Policy we ask you not to install the app or to uninstall it. Permanent deletion of the app is equivalent with no agreement with use of downloaded apps.

General information:

Help Office Sp. z.o. apps connected with eKsię service are installed on mobile devices, specifically mobile phones after downloading the app using:

–    Google Play Store in case of Android devices
–    AppStore in case of IOS devices

How is personal data processed- stored:
– as part of eKsię we do not store any personal data or other data entered in apps,
– entered data is used within the eKsięgowy app only to improve the app mechanisms, mobile apps are only elements of the main app eKsięgowy
–  within mobile app provided services, only technical login data is stored in eKsięgowy apps

Final Provisions:
Modifications in Privacy Policy are possible in the future. With every change, new version of Privacy Policy will be published in the eKsię service. New rules of Privacy Policy will apply from the day of publishing it.

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